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A dream holiday in the Cyclades

The Cyclades are the perfect destination for a dream holiday in Greece. These Greek islands are all more beautiful than each other. Indeed, 24 inhabited islands marked by their white and blue houses, small narrow streets, sublime beaches, or the sunset are simply a typical representation of what awaits travelers in the Cyclades.
A tour of the Cyclades requires a passage through Santorini. Travelers highly prize this destination, and you must queue to take the perfect photo of the famous white church with the blue dome. In Santorini, a walk at the top of the caldera is a pure wonder with Fira in the background. Imerovigli, also known as the Balcony of Santorini, will make some of you dream, and Oria will seduce you when you go to admire the sunset. Then, Black Beach and Red Beach will certainly not leave you indifferent, and to swim in the hot springs, you must go through Nea Kameni. While you're there, you will remember the archaeological site of Akrotiri. The big partygoers among you will only have to go to Mykonos to shake to the sound of the best DJs in the world. The party is invited just as well during the day as at night, and if you want to combine the casual atmosphere of the holidays with beach days, you will find your happiness in Elia, Paradise, Psarou, and Super Paradise. Those who want to experience a pleasant little excursion will be satisfied by Delos, famous for its archaeological site of the Ancient Delos. Moreover, this site is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On this tour, several places are to be visited, like the temple of the Delians, the terrace of the lions, the sacred lake, the sanctuary of Apollo, the sanctuary of Dionysus, the time of the Athenians, the house of Dionysus, the house of masks, the house of dolphins or the archaeological museum. Continue your journey on the island of Paros, located in the Cyclades' center. It will charm you with places of interest such as Parikia, the capital famous for its churches, and the Kastro. Then, to taste some Greek dishes and for shopping, you must go to the village of Maoussa or Piso Livadi. Hikers will be surprised at Paros Park, where three marked trails will offer them a splendid view of the coast and the lighthouse. Then, Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades islands, will allow you to take beautiful swimming breaks and discover the mountain villages. In Naxos, you can also walk to the Chora of Naxos to find the Old Market, but you will also hike to Mount Zeus. Then, you can admire the statue representing Dionysus or Apollo, namely the Kuros of Apollonas. For the beaches, you have to go to Agiassos, Pirgaki, Kastraki, Mikri Vigla, and Agia Anna. Walking lovers will find happiness in Amorgos, where many trails await them, including the one that connects the monastery of Chozoviotissa to the village of Potamos or the route between Langada and the chapel of Stavros. Take advantage of Chora, the capital of Amorgos, the two ports of Katapola Island and Aegiali, and the beaches of Agia Anna and Mouros. Milos will also welcome you to observe its strange rock formations and large cliffs plunging into the sea. In Milos, do not miss the Roman theater where the famous Venus de Milo, exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, was discovered. In addition, Tinos will undoubtedly appeal to those who are followers of the pilgrimage. The church of Panagia Megalochari, or Evangelistria, is the place to visit. That said, you will also make some beautiful discoveries in Hora, the monastery of Kechrovouni, Volax, Kardiani, Pyrgos, Panormos, Tarambados, or Kolimbithra. If you are not tired of enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Cyclades and hiking, hurry to Andros Island, which is ideal for these activities. Ios is another island to party all night long. It is described as the younger sister of Mykonos. To taste the delicious Greek cuisine and to buy some beautiful pottery, Sifnos is the perfect place. Young and old will no doubt like it. Afterward, travelers looking for a quiet place to rest will be carried away by the serenity of Serifos. There, they can enjoy the mountain ranges and arid hills.
A dream holiday in the Cyclades
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