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Large fjord passes through Aalborg, which is very beautiful. The Latin Quarter is an old part of the city. The streets are paved, and the houses have an old style. You can find the original shops there. Fårup Sommerland is a fun amusement park with roller coasters and rides.
Aalborg Cathedral is ancient.


Things to do and see - Aalborg

Enjoy exhibitions on Nordic architecture and design
Utzon Center
Attend a concert at a concert hall and creative center in the city
House of Music
Learn about Denmark's rich cultural heritage at a riverside fortress
Aalborghus Castle
View a collection of Danish and international contemporary art
Kunsten Museum of Modern Art
Spot one of Aalborg’s most famous buildings
Jens Bang's House
Take in breathtaking views of Aalborg and its surroundings
Aalborg Tower
Have a glimpse into Denmark's Viking past at a history museum
Viking Museum Lindholm Høje
Stroll along a picturesque waterfront area and enjoy the scenic views
Aalborg Waterfront
Spend a cultural evening at a power station turned cultural center
Embark on a ferry journey to an island for a peaceful day in nature
Egholm Island

Festivals - Aalborg

FAQ - Aalborg

Is Aalborg a lively city in the evening?
What are the historical monuments to see in Aalborg?
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