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Start your visit at the iconic St. Paul's Cathedral, a symbol of modern African architecture. The cathedral serves religious purposes. Thousands of people attend services every Sunday morning. It is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions in the metropolitan area. Don't miss the Museum of Ivorian Cultures. Then head to the Plateau district, the


Things to do and see - Abidjan

Immerse yourself in local culture at a craft open-air market
Soak up the views of an impressive architectural marvel
St. Paul's Cathedral
Be treated to traditional artifacts and historical exhibits
Museum of Civilizations of Ivory Coast
Escape to nature and soak up the peaceful natural settings
Banco National Park
Wander around the city’s lively business district
Plateau District
Venture to a seaside resort for a relaxing day by the sea
Feel the charm of a resort town with a palm-fringed beach
Experience the city's vibrant nightlife and lively atmosphere
Rue Princesse
Attend cultural events and experience the artistic side of Abidjan
Palace of Culture
Embark on a boat trip to an island with mangrove forests
Boulay Island

Festivals - Abidjan

FAQ - Abidjan

What are the main cultural festivals and events in Abidjan ?
What are the must-see cultural sites in Abidjan?
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