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Addis Ababa

Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa, was previously tagged by the European Council on Tourism and Trade in 2015 as the best country for inbound tourism. There are several ways to enjoy the best of the city, such as religious sites, cultural, historical, water, nature, and wildlife tours. Addis Ababa has the biggest market in Africa,

Make friends during a walk
Friendship Park
Escape to serenity, where nature meets tranquility
Entoto Park
Experience the spiritual grandeur, a beacon of Islamic heritage
Anwar Mosque
Uncover poignant history, a tribute to resilience
Yekatit 12 Monument
Immerse yourself in art and culture, a haven for creative minds
Zoma Museum
Explore Ethiopia's rich heritage, a fusion of history and modernity
Unity Park
Conquer breathtaking heights, a hiker's paradise
Mount Dendi
Relax in lush greenery, a peaceful urban oasis
Addis Ababa Park
Dive into the city's past, where history comes alive
Addis Ababa Museum

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