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Albertina Modern

A major attraction for lovers of cities and cultures from all over the world, come and discover this museum with a strong personality!
A sumptuous classical palace of contemporary art with international renown in the heart of Europe, the Albertina Modern is the second site of the Albertina Museum, located in Vienna, Austria. Former residence of the Habsburgs, you will feel the atmosphere of the time. Holding one of the most important contemporary art collections in Europe, ranging from Monet to Picasso, but also a thousand graphic works with a collection of the most prestigious in the world, tracing masterpieces by Michelangelo, Rembrandt or Klimt! Return to experience a timeless moment in the twenty restored rooms decorated with furniture of great value originals.
Albertina Modern
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FAQs for Albertina Modern

  • When was the Albertina Modern built?
    The Albertina Modern was inaugurated in March 2020, but the palace dates back to the 13th century.

  • How many works does the museum present?
    Between paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs and architecture, the Albertina Modern has over 60,000 works by 5,000 artists.

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