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Alcazar of Toledo

The Alcazar of Toledo transports its visitors to the historical past of military conquests in Spain.
Perched at the top of the hill in the city of Toledo, Spain, the Alcazar of Toledo is a fortified palace with granite walls. The building is distinguished by four quadrangular towers, concentrated around a vast esplanade, a Visigothic palace and a fortress. The facades have a Renaissance architectural style. At once majestic and imposing, this immense fortification dominates the entire city. As early as the 3rd century, the site of the Alcazar of Toledo was home to a Roman palace that was later conquered in the 11th century by the Arabs. After this period, the building was transformed into a fortress. From the 16th century, the Alcazar became the official residence of the kings of Spain. Inside, visitors can visit the Castile-La Mancha library or an Army Museum.
Alcazar of Toledo
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FAQs for Alcazar of Toledo

  • Which architects brought a Renaissance architectural style to the Alcazar of Toledo?
    By renovating the building in the 16th century, architects Alonso de Covarrubias and Juan de Herrera brought a Renaissance architectural style to the Alcazar in Toledo.

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