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The Alhambra is undoubtedly one of the monuments that best represent the omnipresence of the Arab world in medieval Hispanic culture. This citadel was built in the 13th century and is composed of various parts, built or restored over time. You will be able to discover the treasures of Islamic architecture, as complex as refined, and the contributions of the post-Reconquista Catholic. The Alhambra is an unusual place, being similar to paradise and having a violent history. From the Alcazaba to the Medina, through the Nasrid Palaces or Charles V's, then by the Generalife, the wonder is constant.

FAQs for Alhambra

  • When was the Alhambra built?
    It seems that the first foundations of the site date back to 1238. However, several adjacent structures have been made much later by the successive kings, Muslims or Catholics.

  • What does the word "Alhambra" mean?
    This term means "red" in Arabic, and refers to the color of the citadel, made of red-orange stones. He also alluded to its founder, Mohammed bin Nazar, nicknamed "Al-hamar" ("the red"), because of his red beard.