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Amboise Castle

The royal castle of Amboise is one of the castles of the Loire, impressive royal buildings. Endowed with a large fortress, this site is a high place of French history and was even classified as a historical monument in 1840. Overlooking the town of Amboise and located just above its waterway, the castle would be the last great royal fort built in France. The castle thus offers a stunning panorama over the Loire Valley. The structure has two tall cylindrical towers. Inside the palace, the architecture is sure to delight visitors. The castle conceals several royal rooms and leisure lodges. Some rooms are decorated with Gothic furniture from the French Renaissance period. Artistically elegant gardens add charm to the outdoor spaces.
Amboise Castle

FAQs for Amboise Castle

  • Why did the royal castle of Amboise become the refuge of the kings of France?
    Amboise was the best protected place in the whole kingdom of France. Being a royal fort, Amboise Castle was thus a real place of refuge for sovereigns who felt threatened.

  • What famous man was buried near the royal castle of Amboise?
    In 1516, François 1er invited Leonardo da Vinci to live at Clos-Lucé, a mansion near Amboise Castle. The famous painter succumbed to his illness on May 2, 1519 and was buried in the chapel of the castle in accordance with his wishes.