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Before talking about the ruins, citadels and other remains, Amman is known for its modernity. The Al-Abdali district is proof of this since it is mainly touristic. Shopping enthusiasts will be amazed by the Abdali Mall. This space is entirely dedicated to shopping and amusement: cinema, supermarket, grocery store, and restaurants. Rainbow Street is mind-boggling

Enjoy panoramic views from an archeological site
Amman Citadel
Attend a performance at a Roman amphitheater
Roman Theatre
View an extensive collection of classic automobiles
Royal Automobile Museum
Learn about the country's rich cultural heritage
The Jordan Museum
Wander around the oldest part of the city
Al Balad
Marvel at the blue dome of a religious landmark
King Abdullah I Mosque
Explore art at a contemporary art gallery
Darat Al Funun
See a well-preserved site of Roman architecture
Experience floating in a salt lake at the lowest point on earth
Dead Sea
Have stunning views of the valley and the Dead Sea
Mount Nebo

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Is it true that Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world?
Is it true that street art is highly present in Amman?
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