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The magnificence of its nature blesses the country with many varied landscapes, white sand beaches, green hills, forests, splendid waterfalls and sand deserts, among others. It has even become famous for its large reserves of oil and diamonds. Located in South Africa, Angola is a country full of surprises that amaze tourists. Still imbued with


Things to do and see - Angola

Enter a historic fortress that offers a glimpse into Angola's colonial past
Fortaleza de São Miguel
Admire the lunar-like landscape and stunning coastal views
Viewpoint of the Moon
Visit one of the largest waterfalls in Africa, surrounded by lush greenery
Calandula Falls
Relax on pristine beaches, and enjoy water sports
Ilha do Mussulo
Take a tour to experience the unique landscape of a coastal desert
Namib Desert
Explore the capital city, known for its vibrant culture, and historic architecture
See the natural beauty of Angola's savannah and wetlands
Quicama National Park
Enjoy the coastal charm of this city, with Portuguese colonial architecture
Encounter wildlife, and see stunning landscapes, from desert to savannah
Iona National Park
Take a road trip through the mountains for some fantastic views
Serra da Leba
Take a boat trip along a river and enjoy the picturesque scenery
Cunene River
Relax on a tranquil beach, known for the clear blue waters
Baía Azul

Festivals - Angola

FAQ - Angola

What is the symbolic animal of Angola?
Where does Angola get its name from?
What is the symbolic dance of Angola?

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