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One main reason that attracts tourists so much to Angola is its glorious nature.
The magnificence of its nature blesses the country with many varied landscapes, white sand beaches, green hills, forests, splendid waterfalls and sand deserts, among others. It has even become famous for its large reserves of oil and diamonds. Located in South Africa, Angola is a country full of surprises that amaze tourists. Still imbued with the passage of Portuguese in the past, the country has a strong tourist potential. It is mainly the case with its vast savannahs and nature reserves such as the Quiçama Park, the Cameia or Porto Alexandre Nature Reserve, which are home to animal species such as cheetah, lion, elephant, etc. With its high cliffs, the kalandula falls (115 meters high) and the crevasse of Tundavala will amaze you. Of course, Angola also highlights its history with many monuments such as the slavery museum located in Morro da Cruz (Luanda) the anthropology museum found in Luanda (relating the daily life of Berber populations and hunters), the cathedral and the colonial-style churches. In Angola, it is also possible to admire the Sao Miguel fortress and practice water sports such as surfing or scuba diving. At the Duke of Braganza Falls, hiking and walking enthusiasts will find what they are looking for, while those who prefer to sunbathe on the beach can go to Ilha and Palmeirinhas. While walking, you will come across many markets, such as the Craft Market in Luanda (the capital of Angola), that will allow you to bring back souvenirs such as ceramics, pretty African masks or basketry. Then, you will also take the opportunity to taste some Angolan culinary specialities with Portuguese, Mozambican and Brazilian influences. If you fancy dancing to wild Angolan rhythms, the festival (in March) that takes place in the bay of Luanda is simply unique. Artists from Angola and other countries from Africa, Europe and America, are usually invited.
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