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Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House in the centre of Amsterdam is a museum with a unique history. It was in this house that Anne Frank, known for writing a diary during World War II, hid with her relatives to avoid deportation to Nazi concentration camps. Once inside, you will see what life was like in such a narrow space and especially the story behind this very dark period. Passing through each room of the house and the annex, you will be able to observe photos and objects that belonged to the family. But that's not all, as you progress through the museum, you'll discover excerpts from Anne Frank's diary that will allow you to put yourself in her shoes. The moments of emotion do not stop there, this is where you will have the chance to discover the original of the diary. You'll also find temporary exhibits on anti-Semitism, prejudice and discrimination that will help you learn more.
Anne Frank House

FAQs for Anne Frank House

  • When did Anne Frank's House become a museum?
    The inauguration took place on May 3, 1960. It was Otto Frank, Anne's father and the only survivor, who prevented the demolition of the house to make way for a museum.