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Antananarivo is the beautiful capital of the island of Madagascar, built in the early 17th century by the Merina kings. To start, you can quietly chill on Lake Anosy, where you will also find the giant statue Anjely Mainty, surrounded by jacaranda. The scenery is simply beautiful there. Then, you can go to the Rova


Things to do and see - Antananarivo

Marvel at a neo-gothic cathedral located in the heart of the city
Cathedrale catholique d Andohalo
Find different local products, handicrafts, and fresh produce
Analakely Market
View a vast collection of photographs of Madagascar
Madagascar Photography Museum
Tour a former royal palace complex with views of the city
Queen's Palace
Observe a wide variety of migratory and endemic bird species
Tsarasaotra Park
Explore traditional fortified royal settlement on top of a hill
Rovan' Ambohimanga
Enjoy a stroll around an artificial lake with a beautiful park
Lake Anosy
Enter a museum located on the highest hilltop of the city
Andafiavaratra Palace

Festivals - Antananarivo

FAQ - Antananarivo

What does the name Antananarivo mean?
Where to go to know more about Antananarivo's history?

- Antananarivo

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