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The city of Antananarivo promises lovely surprises with its unmissable market and beautiful warm neighborhoods.
Antananarivo is the beautiful capital of the island of Madagascar, built in the early 17th century by the Merina kings. To start, you can quietly chill on Lake Anosy, where you will also find the giant statue Anjely Mainty, surrounded by jacaranda. The scenery is simply beautiful there. Then, you can go to the Rova Palace of Manjakamiadana in the northeast of Antananarivo, where all the Malagasy culture is exposed. The Rova Antsahadinta site is also a must. It is part of the 12 sacred hills of the Imerina, and there are several historical remains in this place, such as the tomb of the founder of the site Log House. Then you can go to the ancient Andafiavaratra Palace, which is now a museum where the country's historical objects are exhibited. It sits on the highest hill in the capital. Also, visit the Queen's Castle, a unique wooden royal residence. The garden there is also beautiful and will allow you to take a nice walk. You can then move on to the Upper Town to admire the beautiful Cathedral of the Assumption, which stands right in front of the Garden of Andohalo Square. While in this place, you will also see the Antananarivo sign at the top of the hill. The village of Akamasoa will allow you to enjoy a Malagasy Sunday and immerse yourself in the local life of the inhabitants. You will take the opportunity to go to the market of the dike where Malagasy crafts are omnipresent. You will be spoilt for choice between the smells of spices, Malagasy specialties, landscapes, basketry, wooden sculptures, stones, and embroidered clothes. Remember the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortifications surrounding this place make it historic and sacred for the Malagasy. Also, attend some festivals such as the Donia Festival, which takes place in June, or the Hira Gasy show between July and October.
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