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Antarctica is not just a vast expanse of ice, as there is much to discover on this continent. Indeed, its remote lands offer it the advantage of abundant fauna and a well-hidden flora, not to mention its surprising history.
To start this atypical trip, head to South Georgia, probably off the beaten track and far from mass tourism. To get there, you have to take a boat because, in this place, capital importance is attached to preserving fauna and flora. There, it is possible to observe hundreds of thousands of king penguins, among other wonders. The Drake sea passage will seduce the most adventurous with a unique experience that thrills travel with 5 to 6 meters high waves. For those who wish to admire the wonder of nature, it is by the Ross Barrier or Crystal Island that you must pass. It is even possible to walk in this funny icy desert. Nevertheless, it is its marine fauna that is the most impressive. Colonies of penguins, giant squid, and other mammals will undoubtedly cross the path of travelers. In addition, there is Cape Evans which is to be discovered on Ross Island. Assuming that tourists can reach this place, they will see the remains of one of the most complicated expeditions to the South Pole. Then, Mount Erebus is a must on a trip to Antarctica. It is a volcano more than 3,700 meters high that is still active—its thick white coat is just as stunning as its height. Then, Shackleton's hut is another point of interest in Antarctica. It is a symbol of history that will take travelers back two centuries to when the great adventurer Ernest Shackleton embarked on his crossing of Antarctica from one end to the other. In addition, Paradise Harbour will offer a magnificent view of snow-capped mountains and drifting glaciers. Gentoo penguins also contribute to the beauty of the landscape. Added to this is the famous Deception Island allows you to learn more about the life of whalers at the time. To end the visit, the Lockroy Port Museum is unmissable. It is the symbol of the region and is installed on Goudier Island. Travelers will discover the life of the military scientists of the time.

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