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Deep within the captivating embrace of Belgium, Antwerp emerges as a radiant city where the past and the present intertwine in a mesmerizing dance. With a rich tapestry of history and a vibrant artistic scene, this enchanting gem lures curious souls into its labyrinthine streets and cultural wonders. Welcome to Antwerp, a city that exudes


Things to do and see - Antwerp

Admire Gothic architecture and see paintings by Rubens
Cathedral of Our Lady
Witness the art of diamond cutting and craftsmanship firsthand
Diamond district Antwerp
Travel back in time by visiting a medieval fortress
Het Steen
See a unique museum showcasing maritime history
Museum aan de Stroom
Enjoy an open-air museum with contemporary sculptures
Middelheim Open Air Sculpture Museum
See beautiful guildhouses and an impressive City Hall
Grote Markt
Wander around a dock neighborhood with maritime history
Discover a fairytale medieval town with charming canals
Taste different flavors of chocolate and learn about its history
Chocolate Nation
See the home to one of the oldest universities in Europe
Unwind in a park with charming sculptures
Explore the world of printing during the Renaissance era
Plantin-Moretus Museum

Festivals - Antwerp

FAQ - Antwerp

What is the historical significance of Antwerp, and how does it reflect in the city's architecture?
What is the significance of the Grote Markt in Antwerp, and what can visitors expect to experience in this bustling square?
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