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Around Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne in Switzerland is a remarkably diverse architectural ensemble combining medieval works and Art Nouveau architecture. This atypical region also serves as the cradle of Switzerland.
First of all, a visit to the surroundings of Lucerne is essential. In this case, travelers must go to the old town, which is nestled between the river and its ramparts. Similarly, a detour to the fourteenth-century Musegg wall interspersed with nine towers is necessary. Then, stop at the large stone water tower to admire the city, the river, and the lake. By the way, the Spreuer Bridge is another point to be noticed. A little further, the Lion Monument allows you to learn more about the region's history. Added to this is the discovery of Mount Rigi, which will enable excursions in winter and summer. The steep mountain is surrounded by three lakes: Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerz. After that, Weggis is the perfect place to relax. This charming village invites you to take beautiful walks by the lake, but it is also the time to admire the lush vegetation fully. In addition, it is good to know that in September, Weggis hosts two festivals: the Alpine Wrestling Festival and the Cattle Show and the Autumn Market. Boat trips around Lake Lucerne are also possible. A few take Lucerne as their starting point to head to Flüelen. As for hiking enthusiasts, they can go through the Swiss Path in Morschach for a nice walk. Those who prefer to take the open-air cable car to get there will also be able to do so. Finally, around Lake Lucerne, Mount Pilatus will welcome the bravest. This place is very well known to hikers and mountaineers. It allows you to have a stunning view of Lake Lucerne, the other two lakes in the region, and the various mountains in the vicinity.
Around Lake Lucerne

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