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Around Lake Lucerne

First of all, a visit to the surroundings of Lucerne is essential. In this case, travelers must go to the old town, which is nestled between the river and its ramparts. Similarly, a detour to the fourteenth-century Musegg wall interspersed with nine towers is necessary. Then, stop at the large stone water tower to admire

Around Lake Lucerne

Things to do and see - Around Lake Lucerne

Start your trip in a picturesque city nestled between a lake and mountains
Reach the top of a mountain by the steepest cogwheel railway in the world
Mt. Pilatus
Embark on a boat excursion and enjoy views of the beautiful alpine peaks
Lake Lucerne
Get to the summit by a cogwheel train to enjoy panoramic views of the lake
Mount Rigi
Walk over Lucerne’s iconic covered wooden footbridge
Chapel Bridge
Hike a scenic trail that traces the shores of the lake
Swiss Path
Go to a resort with luxurious hotels, spas, and spectacular lake views
Visit an idyllic holiday resort on the shore of the lake
Stroll along the lovely promenade of a charming lakeside town
Pick the right place for relaxation and adventure on the Lucerne Riviera

FAQ - Around Lake Lucerne

Is it true that Lake Lucerne is home to a commemorative walkway?
Is it possible to swim in Lake Lucerne?
What makes Lake Lucerne so unique to locals and tourists?
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