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Art and Design Atomium Museum

If you want to visit an extraordinary museum, which offers works other than paintings and sculptures, the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum will seduce you.
Discover an original and exceptional museum, the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum, which will offer you a reflection on plastic since the 1950s with its permanent exhibition, Plasticarium. Thanks to the temporary exhibitions, you will also have the opportunity to address all the themes of the 20th and 21st centuries through different materials. Everyday objects become design pieces in their own right. This unusual space is a must in Brussels. Suitable for school outings as well as for family and friends, ADAM makes the design world more accessible and conveys a libertarian message. Objects and materials become real committed works, such as those of Quasar for example, which defy the laws of traditional furniture.
Art and Design Atomium Museum
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FAQs for Art and Design Atomium Museum

  • Who were the architects involved in the construction of the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum?
    John Portman designed the buildings, the Belgian firm Lohas-Lohas took care of the interior, and it was the French architect Jean Nouvel who created the exterior staircase.

  • How many design pieces are available at ADAM - Brussels Design Museum?
    More than 1000 pieces are on display on nearly 5000 square meters.

  • Where do the different pieces of the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum come from?
    The pieces in the permanent collection come from the Plasticarium collection, assembled by Philippe Decelle.

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