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Aruba is home to abundant vegetation and beautiful coastal deserts with impressive rock formations, and the scenery is breathtaking. It also has a fascinating cultural mix that can be felt in its gastronomy, ranging from its music to its festivals. Let yourself be carried away by the warm spirit of the locals and enjoy an


Things to do and see - Aruba

Have your vacation on a long beach with white sand and blue waters
Palm Beach
Swim in a natural pool amid unique rock formations
Conchi Natural Pool
See some of the world's most beautiful butterflies
Butterfly Farm
Relax while lounging on soft white sand at the widest beach on the island
Eagle Beach
Visit a landmark and enjoy a scenic view over Aruba's coastline
California Lighthouse
Hike through desert landscapes and explore ancient caves
Arikok National Park
Go sunbathing and snorkeling on a beach with shallow and calm waters
Baby Beach
Wander around a bustling harbor city with Dutch colonial architecture
Go diving at Aruba's most renowned dive location
Antilla Shipwreck
Reach a popular sightseeing spot and marvel at unique rock formations
Casibari Rock Formations
Experience Aruba's only all-inclusive vacation destination
De Palm Island

Festivals - Aruba

FAQ - Aruba

What about the climate in Aruba?
What are the local cultures of Aruba?

- Aruba

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