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At the heart of Asmara stands a one-of-a-kind architecture. The cathedral is a beautiful jewel. It mixes Roman and Gothic styles. It represents the Italian colonial time. The cathedral was built in the 1920s. The Fiat Tagliero Building is an Art Deco masterworkIt is from the 1930s. It has a futuristic shape.


Things to do and see - Asmara

Take a walking tour through the city center to admire Art Deco buildings
Cinema Impero
Admire a historical landmark, a fine example of futuristic architecture
Fiat Tagliero
See the murals and colorful stained glass windows of a cathedral
Cathedral of Asmara
Learn about the nation's heritage, history, and culture
National Museum of Eritrea
Visit a testament to Eritrea's struggle for independence
Tank Graveyard
Soak up the atmosphere of a market and engage with friendly locals
Medebar Market
Tour a historic port city and enjoy snorkeling and diving
Go to the highlands to see a town with picturesque landscapes
Hike in the surrounding hills of a small mountain town
See one of the most significant archaeological sites in the country
Qohaito Archaeological Site

Festivals - Asmara

FAQ - Asmara

What is the predominant architectural influence in Asmara?
What can you discover outside the city of Asmara?

- Asmara

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