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Both modern and sophisticated, Asuncion, the beautiful capital of Paraguay, transports travelers with its unique character, authenticity, and the exceptional welcome of its inhabitants.
Thus, for your stay, the Panteon Nacional de Los Heroes, located in the center of Asuncion will allow you to leap directly into the country's history with the names of the outstanding heroes exhibited there. This monument will give you a beautiful effect for your first visit. The Casa de la Independencia, located in the city's heart, can be part of your next stop. It is a museum that will tell you about the story of the country through paintings and other documents. After that, you can move on to the Palacio de Lopez, simply a work of art to admire in Asuncion. You will also pass through the Recoleta district to discover the magnificent red brick church. Then, to find another place that attracts many tourists, you can go to the cave of the Virgin of Guadeloupe. It is located under the University of Asuncion and is a natural haven of peace. The Mercado Quatro is the Asuncion market that arouses the curiosity of many visitors. You will find fashionable Paraguayan clothes as well as local products to taste. The paseo artesanal is another market that will allow you to find embroidery, basketry, karanda'y bags, and other trinkets that you can bring back to your loved ones or keep as a souvenir. To spend time in nature in Asuncion, you will have to go to La Costanera. There you will get the most beautiful views of the city. You can also spend a pleasant evening there and enjoy the beach along the Rio. Yuka Karumba and Nu Guazu Park are also natural sites not to be missed to escape the city's atmosphere. The port of Asuncion is also a place that will not leave you indifferent. In the city, you can also attend some celebrations such as the Kurusa Ara festival in May or the San Juan festival in June, folk dances, and local music and traditional games will immerse you in Paraguayan culture. If you want to taste some delicious specialties, the San Blas district is the place to go.
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