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Thus, for your stay, the Panteon Nacional de Los Heroes, located in the center of Asuncion will allow you to leap directly into the country's history with the names of the outstanding heroes exhibited there. This monument will give you a beautiful effect for your first visit. The Casa de la Independencia, located in the


Things to do and see - Asuncion

Enter a majestic mausoleum honoring national heroes
National Pantheon of Heroes
Take a stroll along a riverfront promenade
Costanera de Asuncion
Immerse yourself in Paraguayan culture and art
Museo del Barro
Admire the architecture of a neoclassical cathedral
Catedral Metropolitana
See a square with statues of Paraguay's historical figures
Plaza de los Heroes
Enter the history museum of the country's independence
Casa de la Independencia
Relax in serene park with walking trails and a lake
Parque de la Salud
Experience the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling market
Mercado Cuatro
Take a boat ride on a picturesque lake
Ypacarai Lake
Explore a charming town known for its ceramics and pottery
Enjoy at a resort town and savor delicious lakefront dining
San Bernardino
Learn about sugar and traditional sugar production
Feel the spiritual atmosphere of a religious pilgrimage site

FAQ - Asuncion

Why is Asuncion called the Mother City of South America?
What's the story about Asuncion's name?

- Asuncion

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