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The long white sandy beaches lined with turquoise waters are the island's number one attraction. In Carlisle Bay, near Bridgetown, you'll find some of the most beautiful. Accra Beach, Miami Beach, Crane Beach and Rockley Beach are also highly renowned. People love going there to swim, sunbathe or surf. Pebble Beach, Browns and Bayshore in

Experience the island's largest and most vibrant city
Revel in the island's beauty on a beautiful beach with natural appeal
Accra Beach
Go snorkeling or diving and see hawksbill and leatherback turtles
Carlisle Bay
Take a guided tram tour through the cave for an unforgettable experience
Harrison’s Cave
Visit a beach that is a photographer's and surfer's paradise
Bathsheba Beach
Wander through the palm trees in a botanical garden
Hunte's Gardens
Relax, unwind, and enjoy the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea
Animal Flower Cave
Soak up the sun on a beach on the island’s Atlantic coast
Crane Beach
Dive, snorkel, swim, stroll the boardwalk, and tour the marine museum
Folkestone Marine Park
Discover one of the island's major towns with a long and intriguing history

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What are the best beaches in Barbados for swimming?
What are the must-see historical and cultural sites in Barbados?
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