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Barranquilla, a special place on Colombia's coast, welcomes you warmly. This busy city is like a colorful quilt, sounds, and smiles that share stories of its rich culture and lively spirit. When you enter Barranquilla, you step into a world where being happy is a way of life.

Barranquilla is like a never-ending party.


Things to do and see - Barranquilla

Marvel at the fort's architecture and learn about its history
Castle Salgar
Wander around the plaza surrounded by several historical monuments
Paseo Bolivar
Learn about the history of local festivities and traditions
Carnival Museum
Take in the views where the river meets the Caribbean Sea
Bocas de Ceniza
Enjoy a serene walk along a paved promenade with river views
Malecón Tourist León Caridi
Go birdwatching on a boat tour and take in the scenic views
Magdalena River
Take a trip to a coastal town and enjoy swimming and sunbathing
Puerto Colombia
Explore a picturesque town with a tranquil atmosphere
Go swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the coastal scenery
Playa Caño Dulce
Stroll through the walled old town and explore its colonial architecture

FAQ - Barranquilla

What is the significance of the Carnival of Barranquilla in the city's culture and tradition?
What role does the Magdalena River play in Barranquilla's cultural and historical identity?

- Barranquilla

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