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The first must-visit in Bavaria is Munich, a city with distinctive architecture. One of the main attractions of this place is Marienplatz. Still, other exciting sites exist, such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Olympic Park, the Food Market, and the Hofbrauhaus brewery. Of course, Nymphenburg Castle is not to be forgotten. Then, on your trip


Things to do and see - Bavaria

See historic architecture, museums, and beautiful parks
Feel like you are in a fairytale at a beautiful castle
Neuschwanstein Castle
Discover the city's medieval history, and the Nuremberg Castle
Hike or ski in the stunning Alpine landscapes
Bavarian Alps
Enter a UNESCO-listed magnificent baroque palace
Würzburg Residence
Tour an elegant palace, surrounded by beautiful gardens
Nymphenburg Palace
Go to the only large palace King Ludwig II lived to see completed
Linderhof Palace
Wander through a charming medieval town
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Take a boat tour on Lake Königssee
Berchtesgaden National Park
Visit Hitler's former mountaintop base, with panoramic views
Eagle's Nest
Stroll along well preserved medieval architecture and feel its charm
Explore the well-preserved medieval core of the old town
Step inside a majestic hall honoring figures in German history
Walhalla Memorial

FAQ - Bavaria

What is the symbolic animal of Bavaria?
What are some famous festivals in Bavaria?

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