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Bazaruto Archipelago

A dream beach stretch itself on miles in the Bazaruto Archipelago. One of these is Vilanculos Beach found in Bazaruto Island. The other islands also have several secluded beaches. One is Praia do Paraíso, located on the northeast coast of Bazaruto Island. Another is Praia de Macuti, which is accessible by boat from Vilanculos Town.


Things to do and see - Bazaruto Archipelago

Relax on the island’s white beaches, and observe turtles and dugongs
Bazaruto Island
Observe the largest dugong population on the eastern coast of Africa
Bazaruto Archipelago National Park
Pick a luxury beach holiday destination and explore the island's dunes
Benguerra Island
Visit an island that offers great snorkeling and diving opportunities
Magaruque Island
Witness the ruins of an abandoned resort on an isolated island
Santa Carolina Island
Explore a charming coastal town, a gateway to the Bazaruto Islands
See a wide variety of marine life and colorful coral reefs
Two Mile Reef
Dive in a spot that offers some of the best diving in East Africa
Neptune's Arm
Look for pansy shells on a small island with secluded beaches
Pansy Island
Experience a sunset cruise on a traditional dhow sailing boat
Indian Ocean

Festivals - Bazaruto Archipelago

FAQ - Bazaruto Archipelago

Has a movie ever been filmed in the archipelago?
Is there an amusing local legend?
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