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Rich in historical places, Beijing invites you to discover different eras of China.
Beijing, the capital of China, is full of tourist and emblematic World Heritage places. The Great Wall, a famous building in the country, adapts to all audiences: Mutianyu is accessible by cable car, while Jinshanling and Jiankou will appeal to hiking fans. At the Temple of Heaven, an example of fifteenth-century Chinese architecture, you will discover the Altar of the Circular Mound and the Imperial Vault of Heaven. Topped to the south by coal hill, the Forbidden City, a former imperial palace, will delight history lovers with its collections of ancient structures. If you prefer outdoor tours, the Summer Palace and Beihai Park are among the oldest and best-preserved imperial gardens. Unique art pieces are exhibited at the National Museum of China, which offers both temporary and permanent exhibitions. And to discover the Gate of Heavenly Peace and the Qianmen Tower, go to Tiananmen, China main square.
  • Are there any UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in Beijing?
    There are several World Heritage monuments in Beijing, such as the Grand Canal, the Ming Tombs, or Zhoukoudian, a prehistoric site composed of several caves.

  • What festivals can we attend in Beijing?
    Several festivals are held in Beijing, including the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 798 Art Festival, which promotes international cultural exchanges, and the Chinese New Year Festival, the city's largest one.

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