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Belo Horizonte

Venture into the heart of Belo Horizonte, and you'll step into a living tapestry of Brazilian history and culture. Praça da Liberdade, the city's main square, is a captivating starting point. Here, historical buildings with diverse architectural styles stand tall, reflecting the city's journey through time. Don't miss exploring the Palácio da Liberdade, a grand

Aerial view of Praça da Liberdade in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Things to do and see - Belo Horizonte

Marvel at a square with cultural attractions, and stunning architecture
Praça da Liberdade
Indulge yourself in gastronomy, leisure and culture at a bustling market
Mercado Central de Belo Horizonte
Enter a cultural hub, featuring art exhibitions, films, plays
Bank of Brazil Cultural Center
Recharge at an artificial lake with a designed architectural complex
Lagoa da Pampulha
14 km
50 min
Admire the organic modern style of a chapel
Santuário Arquidiocesano São Francisco de Assis
9 km
35 min
Enjoy stunning panoramic views from a hilltop viewpoint
Mirante do Mangabeiras
6 km
30 min
Immerse yourself in interactive exhibits about mining history
Memorial Minas Gerais Vale
Learn about mining and metallurgy at an immersive museum
MM Gerdau – Museum Of Mines And Metal
Have a moment of tranquility at an eclectic-style church
Santuário São José
See iconic buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer
Pampulha Architectural Complex
14 km
50 min
Adventure to an incredible art-studded wonderland of tropical vegetation
Inhotim Museum
50 km
80 min
Shop and dine in a trendy neighborhood with vibrant nightlife
Catch a football match at one of Brazil's largest football arenas
Estádio Mineirão
Explore the history of Brazilian craftsmanship and artistic trades
Museu de Artes e Ofícios

FAQ - Belo Horizonte

What are some must-visit historical landmarks in Belo Horizonte?
What is the culinary specialty of Belo Horizonte?

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