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This destination will dazzle you between its lakes, mountains and flower farms (where several local specialities are produced). In the historic centre of Bern, you will be soothed by the tranquillity, sweetness and medieval atmosphere of this place. The alleys reveal its characteristic history with its sandstone facades and incredible architecture, including the four towers,


Things to do and see - Bern

See the heritage-listed medieval city center on a narrow hill
UNESCO - Bern Old Town
Admire the iconic clock tower with its animated figures
Learn about Swiss history and about Albert Einstein
Bern Historical Museum(Einstein Museum)
Admire the tallest cathedral in Switzerland and its Gothic architecture
The Cathedral of Bern
View the works of Swiss painter Paul Klee and his diverse artistic styles
Zentrum Paul Klee
Take a guided tour to Immerse yourself in the world of Parliament
The Parliament Building
See the flat where Albert Einstein lived during his time in Bern
Einstein House
View an extensive collection of art from the Middle Ages
Museum of Fine Arts Bern
See a historic clock tower with its astronomical clock
View a variety of plant species, including Alpine plants
Bern Botanical Garden
Enjoy panoramic views of the Old Town from a rose garden
Learn how the Emmental cheese is made on traditional farms
Emmental Region
Spend a day at a historic old town by a beautiful lake
Explore a charming Baroque town with eleven historic fountains
Travel to a rural village for its impressive castle
Adventure to a truly unique glacier-waterfalls in Europe
Trümmelbach Falls

FAQ - Bern

What's the local legend about Bern's name?
Is it true that Bern is home to more than 100 fountains?
Why is Bern considered to be the greenest city in Europe?

- Bern

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