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Bilbao, a city in the Spanish Basque Country that lies between land and sea, bears its nickname, El Botxo, meaning "The Hollow". A dynamic and lively city, its rehabilitations have now earned it an avant-garde architecture. Among the superb buildings, you will inevitably have the opportunity to discover the famous Guggenheim Museum, offering exhibitions of

Things to do and see - Bilbao

Enter a spectacular structure with impressive collection of art
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Sample local produce at a historic, traditional marketplace
Mercado de la Ribera
Relax in a beautiful urban park featuring lush gardens, and sculptures
Parque de Doña Casilda de Iturrizar
Cross the unique footbridge offering picturesque views of the city
Step into a grandiose church constructed at the close of the 14th century
Catedral de Santiago
Enjoy opera, theater, and ballet at a historic theater
Teatro Arriaga
Explore the historic old town with traditional Basque architecture
Casco Viejo
Ride the funicular to the top of Mount Artxanda for panoramic views
Funicular de Artxanda
Attend cultural events in a modern and striking architectural marvel
Palacio Euskalduna
Take a stadium tour to learn about the Athletic Bilbao's history
San Mamés
Participate in a cultural event at a wine warehouse turned cultural center
Azkuna Zentroa
Have a peaceful escape in a park with views looking over the city
Parque Etxebarria
Get informed about the maritime heritage and learn about shipbuilding
Itsasmuseum Bilbao
Indulge in delicious Basque cuisine and visit beautiful beaches
San Sebastian
Explore the capital of the Basque Country, a city of exemplary urban design
Enjoy wine tastings in a famous wine-producing region
La Rioja Wine Region
Adventure to an iconic islet known for its connection to "Game of Thrones"

Festivals - Bilbao

FAQ - Bilbao

What languages are spoken in Bilbao?
When was the city of Bilbao founded?

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