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Blenheim Palace

An English countryside residence, Blenheim Palace is an ideal historical site for contemplating unique architecture and time travel.
Rich in history, Blenheim Palace is a building located in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. An emblem of the English Baroque, it was originally a gift to the Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill. The illustrious figure led the Great Alliance to victory in the War of the Spanish Succession. It is also the birthplace of Winston Churchill. Moreover, part of the site is dedicated to this great man. As a reminder, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945. Photos, letters, portraits and many other objects bear witness to this in the palace. It is also possible to visit the family's private apartments on a guided tour. Well preserved, these places allow us to cross the centuries in the footsteps of the Churchills. For information, the palace is still inhabited by the Twelfth Duke of Marlborough.
Blenheim Palace
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FAQs for Blenheim Palace

  • Where does the name of Blenheim Palace come from?
    This monument, built between 1705 and 1731, owes its name to a Bavarian village, Blenheim. The latter was the scene of the Battle of Blenheim.

  • Who designed the Blenheim Palace Park?
    The 81-hectare park was developed by the famous English landscape designer Capability Brown. It lends itself to a relaxing walk to admire French gardens and monuments, including the Temple of Diana where Churchill made his marriage proposal.

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