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In southern Africa, Botswana, "Tswana Country" is a perfect destination for adventure and discovery enthusiasts. Let yourself be surprised by the vast landscapes of this country with almost half of the wild protected territories. The Kalahari Desert, the many national parks and nature reserves will leave you speechless. In the Makgadikgadi region, you can explore the national park, the salt desert and the island of Kubu. For adventurers, set out to conquer the Okavango Delta of the Moremi Reserve for unusual photo safaris. You will be amazed at the animal shows offered by lions, antelopes and zebras in the Chobe district. In terms of culture, Serowe, the most important city in sub-Saharan Africa, is home to the Khama III Museum and the ruins of a period village at the Royal Cemetery. For a more urban stop, take the time to discover the beautiful modern capital Gaborone and the city of Maun where you will find baskets, pottery and traditional necklaces symbols of Botswana's culture.

FAQs for Botswana

  • What are the most significant events in Botswana?
    The most important are the World Africa Day, the Maun City International Art Festival, the Dithubaruba Culture Festival, and the International Music and Culture Week in Gaborone.

  • What kind of animal species can we find in Botswana?
    In Botswana, there are about 600 species of birds and about 30 different mammals such as elephants, striped hyenas and meerkats.

Things to do and see in Botswana

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