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British Museum

Founded in 1753 in London, the British Museum is one of the most renowned museums on the planet. It houses a collection of more than 8 million objects from different eras and civilizations, from prehistory to the 19th century. Its most famous artifacts are the Rosetta Stone, dating from 196 BC. AND the Sophilos Vase, 580-570 BC It was the first national museum in the world to open its doors free of charge to the public in 1759.
British Museum

FAQs for British Museum

  • What role did the Rosetta Stone play?
    The object found by the Frenchman in Alexandria in 1799 helped to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphic writing and to create the discipline of Egyptology.

  • What is the oldest object on display at the British Museum?
    The oldest object on display at the British Museum is the "Olduvai stone" hash tool. More than 2 million years old, it is considered one of humanity's first technological inventions.