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The city of Bruges, also known as one of the "Venice of the North" because of its canals, is a veritable setting of culture and history. Since 2000, it has been part of the Organization of World Heritage Cities. Its historical center traces all the periods in which the city played a particularly important commercial and cultural role, mainly in the Middle Ages and from the 19th century on. Bruges is still known for its beguinage and belfry, two symbols of its influence in the 13th century. Also, the Holy Blood procession takes place every year, which is listed as an intangible World Heritage site. Bruges is a great place to walk, cycle or boat while enjoying a waffle or some chocolate. You can also take a trip to the Museum of Fries or take a break from a local brewery before going for a swim in the sea.

FAQs for Bruges

  • What is the Bruges Belfry?
    The Belfry of Bruges is a civil monument built between the 13th and 15th centuries to celebrate the communal independence of Bruges.

  • What are the most popular local events in Bruges?
    The most well-known events are the Golden Tree Procession, every five years, the Feast of the Canals every three years, and the Holy Blood Procession, every year.

Things to do and see in Bruges

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