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Head to Bukhara and immerse yourself in the most beautiful city on the Silk Road.
Located in Uzbekistan, in Central Asia, it is a must-see place to visit on the famous road that connects East and West. This city is vibrant with energy, not only for its many shops but also for its beautiful culture! You will probably be amazed during your visit. In addition, it is an absolute labyrinth of narrow streets, parks and green gardens, not to mention the historical and architectural monuments of various eras and they are all perfectly preserved! In Bukhara, you will not be able to miss the citadel of Ark, an ancient fortress built in the fifth century. You will also find a magnificent mosque offering a breathtaking Bukhara view. You cannot miss the summer palace of Bukhara, the Cube-shaped Mausoleum of the Samanids (similar to the Kaaba) or the Tchor Minor without visiting them! Speaking of the mosque, you should try Poi Kalyan on Registan Square. It comprises the Kalian Mosque, the Kalan Minaret (the emblem of Bukhara) and the Mir-i Arab Madrasa. Moreover, they are historical places in the country! Afterwards, we must not forget the beautiful bazaars of Bukhara where you can find the Tak i Sarrafon, supported by four massive arches. You can also go to the Tak-i-Tilpak Furusho (hat makers' dome) which was previously known as the market for hats, scarves and turbans. Then, to find beautiful jewellery, you will have to go to tak-i Zargaron before jumping to Tim Abdullah Khan to find beautiful fabrics. Then you can indeed participate in the festival Silk and Spices from the end of May until the beginning of June to relive the cultural heritage of the Great Silk Road and observe the richness of the traditions of local artisans. Trekking enthusiasts can enjoy darband-Boyson Uzbekistan. You will not be disappointed! rn
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