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Burundi is an African state bordering the DRC, Rwanda, and Tanzania, which has the merit of seducing tourists with its large lakes, reliefs, savannahs, and especially its incredible fauna. The beautiful natural spaces are the highlight of this country's centers of interest.
Likewise, its cultural and historical richness, naturally abundant vegetation, and many nature reserves will not leave you indifferent. When you pass through the capital Bujumbura which is located on the shores of the large Lake Tanganyika, you will notice an exciting mix of tradition and modernity. The main monuments of the country, such as the Mausoleum of Vugizo, the Unity Monument, the Living Museum, and the Kiriri Campus, are among the most interesting places to visit. Then, a tour of the country's many national parks is essential, starting with Kibira National Park, which presents itself as a preserved 40,000-hectare forest and home to chimpanzees, baboons, and Cercopithecus. Stretched on both sides of the Ruvubu River, Ruvubu National Park is the shelter of choice for buffalo herds. At the Rusizi Nature Reserve, families of antelopes, hippos, and some crocodiles find refuge there. Then, there are other nature reserves to visit, including Bururi, known for its more than 100 species of birds, Vyanda which is ideal for observing chimpanzees, Rwihinda which is a sanctuary for migratory birds or the natural forest reserves of Rumonge, Kigwena, and Mugara. In terms of must-see things to do in Burundi, you will be spoilt for choice between cooling off on Lake Tanganyika, hiking in the Rusizi River National Park, venturing into the heart of the nature reserves mentioned just before, immersing yourself in the local life of the inhabitants in the second city of the country, namely Gitega or Gishora. Before relaxing at Saga Beach, you can also walk Mount Heha, a mountain range in the country's highlands, to enjoy its thriving nature. Then, you will catch your breath before heading to Karera Falls, and if safaris are part of your passions, you can do one in Rumonge. Also, remember to visit Pierre de Livingstone and Stanley and be sure to discover the country's culinary art.
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