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Canadian Rocky Mountain parks

The Canadian Rockies parks offer an incredible diversity of landscapes to explore. Banff National Park is the most famous. It will dazzle you with its turquoise lakes like Lake Louise, snow-capped mountains, and massive glaciers. In the vast Jasper National Park, you will encounter abundant wildlife - elk, wolves, and grizzly bears. Admire its preserved


Things to do and see - Canadian Rocky Mountain parks

Explore Canada’s first national park and relax on its lakeshores
Banff National Park
Embark on your outdoor adventure and pick one of the many trails
Jasper National Park
Trek through deep canyons and towering waterfalls
Kootenay National Park
Experience roaring waterfalls and scenic lakes
Yoho National Park
Have a relaxing soak in the natural thermal mineral springs
Cave and Basin National Historic Site
Drop by and experience the soothing thermal waters
The Canadian Rockies Hot Springs
Go camping, hiking, dogsledding, paddling, and whitewater rafting
Mount Robson Provincial Park
Enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, and mountain climbing
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Embrace a backcountry experience in a remote wilderness area
Hamber Provincial Park
Begin a thrilling rafting adventure or opt for a relaxing rafting tour
Athabasca River

Festivals - Canadian Rocky Mountain parks

FAQ - Canadian Rocky Mountain parks

Where can you see cultural performances in the Canadian Rockies parks?
What are the main cultural attractions to visit in the Canadian Rockies parks?
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