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Carthage, located in Tunisia, was once a powerful city in the Mediterranean. Today, its fascinating ruins bear witness to its past grandeur.
History buffs will be thrilled by the archaeological sites of Carthage. Don't miss the huge Antoninus Baths - they're amazing Roman ruins you have to see. The ruins of the Roman amphitheater are


Things to do and see - Carthage

Witness the largest Roman baths built on the African continent
Baths of Antoninus
Admire one of the longest aqueducts in the Roman Empire
Aqueduct of Carthage
View artifacts and displays related to Carthaginian history
Carthage Museum
Have an insight into the architectural styles of the Roman period in North Africa
Villas Romaines
Catch a performance at a restored ancient Roman theatre complex
The Roman Theatre of Carthage
See the ruins of temples and enjoy panoramic views of the harbor
Byrsa Hill
Have a glimpse into the burial practices of the ancient Carthaginians
Tophet de Carthage
Marvel at a prominent landmark built during the French colonial period
Saint Louis Cathedral
Stroll along the old ports of the city of Carthage
Carthage Punic Ports
Get lost in the maze of cobbled streets with blue-and-white houses
Sidi Bou Said

Festivals - Carthage

FAQ - Carthage

What are the main archaeological sites to visit in Carthage?
What does the word "Carthage" mean, and where does it come from?
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