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Chaplin’s World

Nestled in Ban's mansion in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland, Chaplin's World is located on the spot where the famous actor lived until his death. This enchanting place, which tells the story of the talented artist, is surrounded by huge trees and a large garden. Upon entry, you will be greeted by a wax reproduction of the character with the friendly and playful air we know him. Then there are countless photographs featuring the Chaplin family. Unusual objects such as the famous bowler hat or cane, holed trousers and Charlie Chaplin's patched shoes are on display in the museum. Personal effects such as his 1973 Oscar for his role in the Fires of the Ramp or his letter of anoblation with the signature of Queen Elizabeth II. You will be able to improvise as a filmmaker by positioning yourself behind the camera or to pose alongside wax statues of Chaplin's celebrity friends such as Winston Churchill or Albert Einstein.
Chaplin's World

FAQs for Chaplin’s World

  • When did Chaplin's World open its doors to the public?
    The museum officially opened on April 17, 2016.

  • What is the Hollywood Studio of the Chaplin's World Museum?
    The studio includes the reconstructed sets of Charlie Chaplin's most iconic films: Cirque, Modern Times, Gold Rush, The Kid...