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Backed by the Andes, a fascinating country between land and sea, Chile has one of the most extravagant geographies in the world. Chile, aka the Land of Poets, is a land of a thousand colors with magnificent landscapes. You can practice a whole range of activities. In addition to hiking, in the Cochamo Valley or along the Los Arceles trail, it is also possible to see the Tatio geysers north of San Pedro, or to go to the edge of the Pacific Ocean on the beaches of Punta Choros. For those who love altitude, there are mountains with many peaks above 6000 meters high and volcanoes such as Osorno or Llaima. Throughout your stay, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of Inca culture. The capital, Santiago, is a very pleasant city where life is good, where you can visit the Temple of Lights with an architecture made of glass. Not far from the Atacama Desert, which turns out to be the driest in the world, you can discover lagoons of all colors. Also nearby, the Valley of the Moon is a lunar-like place sculpted by the wind and nestled in the hollow of the Cordillera del Sal, a landscape that is both magical and impressive. More than 3,500 km west of the Chilean coast is Easter Island, a mysterious place with a strong spirituality and known mainly for its monumental statues, the Moai, looking up to the sky.

FAQs for Chile

  • Where does the name "Chile" come from?
    There is no certainty as to the origin of the name Chile: it may be related to the name of the river "the rio Chile" or "trih o chi", a term used to refer to a bird with yellow spots on its wings.

  • What is the most popular holiday in Chile?
    On September 18 and 19, Chileans celebrate the country's independence.

Things to do and see in Chile

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