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Christiansborg Palace

After long serving as the main residence of Danish kings, Christiansborg Palace, also known as Borgen, is now the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of State and the residence of the royal family. The Palace also contains seven spaces open to visitors. On the premises, you can discover the magnificent reception rooms, the throne room and the great hall, all sumptuously decorated. Enjoy one of the tallest towers in Copenhagen, which measures 106 meters and offers 360 ° panoramic views of the entire city. Also not to be missed are the royal stables with outdoor riding grounds, a covered arena and a stable museum. Visit the Court Theater which houses an auditorium used for various events. The other space, accessible to the public, is the Folketinget, the Parliament of Denmark.
Christiansborg Palace

FAQs for Christiansborg Palace

  • When was Christiansborg Palace renovated?
    After two major fires, Christiansborg Palace underwent extensive renovations which were completed in 1928.