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City of Space

Located in Toulouse, two of France's most spectacular attractions; where you can take a giant leap for mankind by hopping in a real Russian spacecraft and seeing real fragments of the moon and mars up close and entering a rocket launch control room and a lot more. You can also visit the newly opened L'Envol des Pionniers, an aeronautics exhibition in tribute to the French long haul flight across barren terrains, without whom space travel might have never taken place. Refresh your perspective on the universe in the state of the art IMAX and get starry-eyed in the planetarium, lunar rock samples collected during the Apollo missions as well as a true to life rocket launch center which you can enter.
City of Space

FAQs for City of Space

  • Can we see a real rocket at the City of Space?
    In the City of Space, we can discover the life-size replica of the Ariane 5 rocket (53 meters high).