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City tour : secrets and quirkiness of Toulouse

This one hour and a half guided tour will take you through the city center of Toulouse. The departure will begin in a shopping street and the walk will continue to the district of Esquirol. We will go down the street of Alsace-Lorraine which, if we take the time to stop there, reveals many secrets. Then we will go through the Place du Capitole, then down to the banks of the Garonne. The stories of the buildings that we will see then are unknown to a lot of people. We will decipher the origin of some façades, we will learn about characters who have remained anonymous but who have yet made history, we will talk about the history of some buildings while discovering works of art, anecdotes and quirks.
Adult and Teenager 14+
18 EUR
City tour : secrets and quirkiness of Toulouse

FAQs for City tour : secrets and quirkiness of Toulouse

  • What makes this guided tour so special?
    You can discover the hidden treasures of Toulouse and learn unique stories about the city.