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The city of Cologne is certainly one of the prettiest in Germany in terms of urban planning and architecture. Between its picturesque streets and its cultural richness, you won't get bored. In the old town, stroll through the Agnesviertel district and the former port district of Rheinauhafen, and discover the historic monuments, old buildings, bars and booksellers that abound there. Also make a stop at Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built in the early 12th century. In the traditional district of Ebertplatz, you can go see political exhibitions or just walk on the cobblestones, surrounded by the famous colorful houses. For chocolate lovers, don't miss the Cologne Chocolate Museum!

FAQs for Cologne

  • Is there a link between the city of Cologne and the famous cologne?
    Indeed, the latter comes directly from there, and it is even possible to go and discover its history in the museum dedicated to it. It was invented in the 18th century by Johann Maria Farina.

  • What is there to see in Cologne Cathedral in particular?
    This Gothic building is full of treasures, such as the shrine of the Magi, an ancestral reliquary in gold or a black marble altar from the 14th century. It is also possible to climb the 509 steps that lead to the top of the Cathedral, and offer an extraordinary panorama.

Things to do and see in Cologne

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