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The Comoros are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean.

The Medina of Moroni is the old part of Moroni. It is known for its narrow streets, old houses and beautiful mosques. While the Moheli Palace in Fomboni tells the royal history of the island of Moheli.

To discover the


Things to do and see - Comoros

Wander around the capital city and experience the local way of life
Have a glimpse into the nation’s cultural and natural history
National Museum of Comoros
Relax on a stretch of white sand and swim in clear blue waters
Bouni Beach
Soak up the sun and unwind on a pristine beach
Chomoni Beach
Experience eco-tourism on an island with untouched natural beauty
Observe wildlife in a protected area rich in biodiversity
Mohéli National Park
Stroll along narrow streets to reach an ancient citadel
Immerse yourself in the lush forests through thrilling hikes
Mount Ntringui National Park
Visit historical sites and see ruins of ancient settlements
Take in panoramic views of a picturesque volcanic crater lake
Lac Niamawi

Festivals - Comoros

FAQ - Comoros

What are the main islands that make up the Comoros archipelago?
What are the cultural influences that blend in the Comoros?

- Comoros

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