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Countries like a movie set

The planet hides some beautiful places, allowing film producers to use them as movie sets.
To discover one of these first places, you must go to Poland, in the Kazimierz district of Krakow. This atypical place inspired the famous Steven Spielberg by constituting the primary set during the shooting of Schindler's List. The renowned filming locations are Krakow's central train station, Tram #87, Mariacka Basilica, and Pilsudski Bridge, among others. Then, Spain and, more precisely, the southern sierras welcomed the great Sergio Leone Le Bon to shoot some western films. The desert and extraordinary landscape of the Sierras have perfectly reproduced the atmosphere of the American Southwest. In Europe, other countries have seduced film producers. It is mainly the case of France, which has warmly received the visit of famous Hollywood producers for films such as Mission: Impossible 6, where the charm of the Parisian city blended perfectly into the decoration. Moreover, another cult shoot in France is Indiana Jones and the adventurers of the ark in the submarine base of La Rochelle. After that, Italy is another country that inspires film producers a lot. Some films feature a scene made in Italy because its rich heritage and the landscapes allow directors to implement their different settings perfectly. For example, John Wick 2 was filmed there. Conversely, some producers and directors were charmed by Germany's appeal. These include big names such as Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and Charlize Theron. This country's historical monuments and original environment have conquered the public's hearts with films such as Inglourious Basterds, Atomic Blonde, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. For a complete change of atmosphere, you have to go to Amorgos, an island of the Greek Cyclades, a heavenly place in the world and which was the favorite filming location of the great Luc Besson for the film The Big Blue. Then, fans of The Dark Knight or Guardians of the Galaxy films will be delighted to know that Britain has welcomed significant producers to make these films. There are also the impressive studios of Cardington in North London. Canada is a country that fascinates many filmmakers. It is called Hollywood North and is home to major movie studios in Vancouver. Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas are one of North America's largest film production centers. You must also know that the country's breathtaking and rocky landscapes were featured in the famous film Seven Years in Tibet. In addition, Toronto was the movie set for Suicide Squad. Mexico has also been very inspiring for films such as the Titanic. Some of the scenes were filmed south of the border. Then, of course, we must mention Universal Studios Hollywood in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. It is one of the biggest film industries, where hundreds of movies have been produced. For example, La La Land, A Little Bit of Heaven, and Hollywood Scam, among others, appear on Hollywood's long list of movies. In the United States, other locations have also served as movie sets. In New York, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and the Empire State Building are favorite filming locations for producers. It is also the case for San Francisco, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. Then, on the Asian continent, China tops the list of favorite destinations for film shooting. Productions such as Skyfall and Kill Bill 1 were shot in the majestic setting of the most magnificent places in China. Then, Nijo Castle in Japan and its famous sets made the film crew of Leonardo DiCaprio's psychological thriller shudder with happiness. In Thailand, especially Koh Phangan island, some directors have found refuge on the idyllic beaches to shoot the James Bond film. This place is now known as James Bond Island. In the southern hemisphere, New Zealand and its dreamscapes have been perfectly integrated into the novel, The Lord of the Rings. The surroundings are similar to those of Middle-earth depicted in the film. A little further, Australia offers its breathtaking hyper-cinegenic scenery to American film producers. Morocco, located to the northwest, is a real treasure for directors and film producers on the African continent. Other places in Africa are highly acclaimed by filmmakers. The movie Hotel Rwanda was filmed in Kigali, Rwanda, Johannesburg, and South Africa. There is also the film Gorilla in the mist, which was made in Uganda and Rwanda. Nigeria's Nollywood, followed closely by Ghana, are also major film production venues. Finally, India is undoubtedly a massive producer of films. Bollywood is a combination of Mumbai and Hollywood that refers to the Indian film industry in Mumbai. The movies are in Hindi and are not only shown in India but also exported to countries such as North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Moreover, Bollywood is a filming location that interests international producers. Well-known films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the Namesake, Gandhi, and Slumdog Millionaire have made this place famous.
Countries like a movie set
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