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Coventry's history is deeply rooted in its industrial and commercial past. The city was once a significant centre of the automotive industry, and its many red-brick buildings, remnants of that era, are a testament to its rich heritage. Did you know that Coventry Cathedral was rebuilt after it was destroyed in World War II? The


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After The End Of History: British Working Class Photography 1989 – 2024

March 29, 2024 - June 16, 2024
Richard Billingham, Sam Blackwood, Serena Brown, Antony Cairns, Rob Clayton, Joanne Coates, Josh Cole, Artúr Čonka, Elaine Constantine, Natasha Edgington, Richard Grassick, Anna Magnowska, Rene Matić, J A Mortram, Kelly O'Brien, Eddie Otchere, Kavi Pujara, Khadija Saye, Chris Shaw, Trevor Smith, Ewen Spencer, Hannah Starkey, Igoris Taran, Nathaniel Télémaque, Barbara Wasiak, Tom Wood
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