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Croatia will no doubt enchant you with its azure coastline, charming cities, and numerous waterfalls.
Product of Greek, Roman, and Slavic influences, Croatia is a flagship destination of the Balkans, rich in parks, lakes, and coastlines. It is an ideal place to enjoy nature and engage in sports and adventure activities. Take a stroll through the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik and Zadar. Admire these two fortified towns and their pastel stone architecture contrasting with the clarity of the waters around them. Halfway between these two cities, a stop is required in one of the country's must-see places: Krka National Park. This nature reserve will satisfy nature lovers with its rich flora and fauna. In summer, cap off your visit with a refreshing swim at the foot of the park's majestic waterfalls. In the capital, the plurality of architectural influences reaches its climax: Zagreb Cathedral in neo-Gothic style is juxtaposed with the Church of St. Mark of medieval influence notable by its roof decorated with coats of arms. In the heart of a more traditional atmosphere, discover Croatian culinary customs by strolling through the aisles of Mesnika Neno, the country's largest market.
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FAQs for Croatia

  • What are the notable cultural events in Croatia?
    On their respective Feast Day, Croatian cities are ornamented with flags. The locals parade in the streets dressed in their traditional clothes.

  • How many islands does Croatia count?
    The Croatian archipelago contains a total of 718 islands, only about fifty of them are inhabited.

Things to do and see in Croatia

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