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Crossing the varied landscapes of Patagonia

Extended to the south of Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a real jewel of nature that enchants many travelers with its thousand facets. This place invites you to discover, escape, and adventure between extraordinary landscapes such as lakes, glaciers, or volcanoes.
To get the first glimpse of this beautiful place, you must go to the city of Bariloche, at the foot of the Andes Cordillera. The wooden and stone architecture of the buildings set in a landscape of mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers is genuinely incredible. The Seven Lakes Route crosses the Nahuel Huapi and Lanin parks offering splendid landscapes such as cliffs, clear waters of Lake Espejo, and volcanic beaches. Many activities can be practiced there, such as hiking, climbing, rafting, golf, and downhill skiing. El Calafate is in the middle of the Patagonian steppe, which leads to the Glacier National Park, where the Perito Moreno glacier is located. By crossing the blue waters of Lake Argentino, you are likely to be blown away by this experience. In addition, the Perino Moreno is a real wonder of nature, and according to reports, the glacier is advancing about two meters per day. A little further from the Parc des Glaciers is a beautiful place in the region: El Chalten. Hiking enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy it. Embedded in the mountains, you can make excursions and admire the rocky needles of Mount Fitz Roy, discover isolated places and join the lagoons. After that, it will be time to find an incredible city that serves as a starting point for many cruises to Antarctica. It is known as Ushuaia, and you will have the impression of being at the end of the world through the hikes practiced there. The Lapataia National Park will also satisfy some curious people. Then, the Valdes peninsula, a World Heritage Site and Nature Sanctuary, is a great place to watch whales, orcas, lions, elephant seals, and penguins. For this, you must make the excursion to Punta Tombo or stay in an estancia with private beaches. Its particular location makes it possible to discover Patagonia of Chilean lakes that are home to several volcanoes and forests. In the heart of nature, the beauty of the landscapes will amaze you. To do this, you have to go to the city of Puerto Montt before making your way to the three national parks and the nearby national reserve. The Alerce Andino National Park is the place that protects a thousand-year-old Patagonian cypress forest, about fifty lakes, and lagoons, as well as mountain lions or hummingbirds. There are several volcanoes in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, such as the Osono and Lake Todos Los Santos. There it is possible to practice climbing and skiing. Then, Puyehue National Park protects an evergreen rainforest where the Casablanca volcano is also found. Finally, the Llanquihue National Reserve will allow you to make beautiful walks between the alerces and the white beeches or admire the waterfall of Los Tes Saltos. Lake Patagonia is the island of Chlorus, where a rich cultural heritage is honored. This place is home to beautiful virgin expanses, wooden churches classified as World Heritage Sites, and the Chiloé National Park, which is home to the copihue: a flower. Torres del Paine Park is a paradise for trekkers. It is located in Puerto Natales, and impressive landscapes such as forests, mountains, lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls can be admired there. In addition, some treks go around the Paine massif and last between 7 to 10 days. The Carretera Australe was built at the base by General Pinochet and provided access to the most remote Chilean territories. It is also one of the most beautiful roads in Patagonia because it is home to a breathtaking diversity for its 1240 km long. Between glaciers, Andean peaks, volcanoes, fjords, and national parks, you will be amazed. The Carretera Australe is also home to Les Cuevas Marmol and is one of the best lake kayaking spots in the world.
crossing the varied landscapes of Patagonia
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