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Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean, consisting of two large islands and several thousand islets. It is renowned for its warm welcome and heavenly beaches. Its cities are eclectic and diverse, just like its history. Hispanic-colonial architecture is mixed with more contemporary styles, such as Modern Art. Trinidad is famous for its colonial houses with pastel facades. Havana, nicknamed "The City of a Thousand Columns", is known for its architectural diversity, and the rainbow colors of its old city. Cigar lovers can visit the renowned "habanos" factories, while fans of vintage cars will appreciate the American models of the 60s that still circulate on the roads. The traces of the Revolution are still visible, as in Santiago De Cuba, the former capital of the country, or In Santa Clara, emblematic city of Che Guevara. Cuba has dozens of idyllic beaches, where lazing is the order of the day. The seaside resort of Varadero or the islet Cayo Levisa are very famous, but other places are to be discovered along the coast. Although there are many water activities, Cuba is above all a landmark for scuba diving, especially on the island of Youth. The mountainous terrain is appreciated by hikers, who can explore the Vinales Valley, or the surroundings of Baracoa, a natural site with tropical vegetation. Beyond an unrivalled welcome, you will be amazed by the nightlife of the cities. In the dancing bars, you can at leisure experience rumba, salsa or cha cha cha, enjoying special Cuban cocktails. Several times a year, festivals and popular festivals transform cities, as is the case during the carnival in Santiago or Havana.

FAQs for Cuba

  • What are the two main islands of Cuba called?
    The two major islands of Cuba are called "Island of Cuba" and "Island of Youth".

  • How many islets does Cuba have?
    Cuba is made up of more than 4,000 islets and “keys” (a small island made up almost exclusively of sand and coral) that Cubans call "cayos".

  • What are the alcoholic cocktails from Cuba?
    Cuba is famous for its alcoholic cocktails. The best known are Cuba Libre, Mojito and Daïquiri.

  • What is Cuba's best-known cigar?
    Cuba's best-known cigar is the "habano", considered one of the best in the world. It has been made in Havana since birth. The history of the city is strongly associated with that of tobacco.

  • Why is Cuba known for its old American cars?
    Beginning in 1962, Cuba suffered a decades-long U.S. embargo. Imports of new cars were then prohibited and the models used remained those of the 1960s.

Things to do and see in Cuba

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