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Curitiba is the capital of Paraná, located in southern Brazil 120 km from the coast. This city became famous in the 1970s because it was one of the first cities in the world to get involved in environmental issues. Ecology has a primordial place in the tourist communication of the city, so much that there

Aerial view of Curitiba City at sunset - Curitiba, Parana, Brazi

Things to do and see - Curitiba

Soak up the peaceful atmosphere at a botanical garden
Botanical Garden of Curitiba
Enter a futuristic museum with an eye-shaped tower
Museu Oscar Niemeyer
Have a peaceful walk around two lakes and a waterfall
Parque Tanguá
Do outdoor activities at an enchanting green oasis
Parque Barigui
Step on a floating and mobile stage in the middle of a lake
Ópera de Arame - Vale da Música
Attend workshops on sustainability at an environmental institution
Free University of the Environment
Have a notable cultural experience at a renowned theatre
Teatro Guaira
Enjoy local cuisine, such as the traditional dish "barreado"
65 km
65 min
Explore unique sandstone formations, caves, and natural beauty
Vila Velha State Park
90 km
75 min
Travel to one of the oldest cities in Brazil
90 km
90 min
Take a ferry to an island, with pristine beaches and ecological trails
Ilha do Mel
Wander around a charming coastal town with a scenic harbor
80 km
80 min
Spend some time on the beach, swim, sunbathe and relax
110 km
90 min

FAQ - Curitiba

What innovation does Curitiba bring?
What was the name of the city before it was called Curitiba?

Events - Curitiba

Festival de Teatro
The Festival de Teatro de Curitiba (Curitiba Theater Festival) is one of the largest theater festivals in Latin America, showcasing national and international theater productions. It brings together a diverse range of performances, including plays, workshops, and street theater, attracting theater enthusiasts from all over. With a vibrant program and renowned artists, the festival offers a unique cultural experience in the city of Curitiba, Brazil.
Curitiba, Brazil

FEIARTE aims to unite an international event to celebrate the cultural craftsmanship of a country. Each year, a country is honored, and their crafts and gastronomy win a highlight at the fair. Feiarte presents a wide variety of handicrafts from 21 countries and 13 states of Brazil, cultural attractions and entertainment for the whole family.
Curitiba, Brazil

Oscar Niemeyer Museum
The Oscar Niemeyer Museum, also called "the eye", is a must-see contemporary art museum. It was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and houses temporary and permanent exhibitions. The structure of the museum is unique and alone worth a visit. Tickets can be purchased online at the official museum website.
Curitiba, Brazil

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