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Dali Theatre-Museum

The Dali Theatre-Museum transports you into an enchanted world of glittering jewels, surreal faces and mischievous trompe l'oeil.
Located in the square of the former municipal theatre of Figueras in Spain, the Dali Theatre-Museum is dedicated to the works of the artist Salvador Dali. In addition to being one of the founders of surrealism, Salvador Dali remains one of the most famous painters of the 20th century. This cultural place was created in the image of the artist: fantastic, curious and theatrical. Part of the façade is shaped like a pink castle whose tower is set with gigantic eggs and the building is covered with a modern glass bubble. The patio immerses you in a surreal atmosphere with golden characters and a Cadillac. Among the many works on display are the Spectre of Sex-Appeal, Galarina, Leda Atomica or La Corbeille de Pain. This captivating art world also brings together wax sculptures as well as furniture.
Dali Theatre-Museum
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FAQs for Dali Theatre-Museum

  • When was the Dali Theatre-Museum inaugurated?
    The Dali Theatre-Museum was inaugurated in 1974.

  • What work can be seen in the main hall of the Dali Theatre-Museum?
    The main room of the Dali Theatre-Museum contains an oversized painting with 1001 details that visitors try to decipher.

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