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Damascus is Syria's capital, and travelers describe this place as being timelessly full of life and dynamism. Steeped in history, the Old City will dazzle you with its many historical monuments, mosques, churches, and souks.
The Syrian National Opera, nestled in the center of Damascus on Umayyad Square, is a must. The building includes an opera house, a drama theatre, and a multi-purpose hall. It welcomes multiple theatrical performances, film screenings, and concerts at different times of the year. It is also home to the main stage of the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra. The old Jewish quarter is a place full of history and emotions. If you can pass through these places, linger at the Synagogue, which is always open. Also, visit the historic Hejaz railway station, which connected Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire's capital, the Islamic caliphate's seat, and Hejaz in Arabia. It is a cult place in the history of Damascus. At Hamma Nur al-Din, you will dip in one of the oldest public baths in Damascus. It is located inside Bzuriyyeh Suq in the middle of a row of shops selling spices and sweets. The rooms are used for facilities such as massage and waxing. Sayyidah Zaynab Shrine is a beautiful mosque with blue tiles and is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims. The Mausoleum of Salah al-Din is a popular Damascus spot next to the northwest corner of the Great Umayyad Mosque. Once again, it is one of the sacred places for locals, and travelers take the utmost care to appreciate it during a visit. Remember the Damascus Citadel, a tourist attraction that is almost a significant landmark of Damascus. The monument houses 12 towers connected by curtain walls with vaulted galleries. The Souk of Takkiyya Suliemaniah promises you to discover the authentic aromas of the city. You will find a beautiful exhibition of crafts, wooden and ceramic boxes, glassware, and silverware. The restaurants along the street will welcome you to enjoy some delicious dishes. Before leaving, you will tour the National Museum of Damascus, in the heart of Damascus. It covers Syrian history throughout more than 11 millennia.
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